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Luvian Hanayo Seto-


Hanayo grew up in Japan listening and singing to J-Pop like Yumin and dreamed to be a singer. During her high school years in the U.S., she listened to Carol King, Bjork, Madonna, and participated in the school choir and musicals. She then moved back to Japan to go to University listening to Electronica, Trance, and Phish, where she started to realize that there is a great power of healing affect in music. She decides to go back to the U.S. to study music therapy at the Berklee College of Music, where she collaborated with artists from around the world.
In the present, she is growing with many musicians from different genres. A collaboration with her father Aman Ryusuke Seto, “The Ho’oponopono Song” and “The Water Song”(Hado Theme Song) has been admired from people all around the globe.

“I want people around the world to feel a sense of oneness with my music. This is possible because my voice, popular music, and a world of different genre crossover well. Music is vibration and it has a great impact in our lives. It is the most powerful tool for us to remember what love really is."

Reviews: (Translated)
“Hanayo’s voice is cute and kind"
“When she sings my body vibrates"
“A voice that heals"
“Beautiful and fine voice"
“A voice that reaches the heaven"
“Hanayo’s voice and vibration penetrated to my cells, where I received the love, and once again decided to give it."
“She does not play the music but enjoys it. It is like receiving a healing session."


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